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Trying to identify a creature movie I saw where the main characters were an American husband-and-wife big-rig trucking team named Stodart or Stoddard. They were working in Russia or at least somewhere that used the Cyrillic alphabet. It was a creature feature of some sort, I believe made-for-TV on the Sci-Fi channel (before they became SyFy).

I can't remember what type of creature was involved, but I think it was giant snakes or some other type of reptile.

The clearest thing I can remember is that the trailer of their big rig had Cyrillic lettering on the side: СТОДАРТ.

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Well, СТОДАРТ makes sense, since it translates (according to Google Translation) to Stoddard ... ;-) –  Paulster2 Feb 18 at 17:58
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