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I am looking for the name of a movie :What I recall from the movie from about the 80’s/90’s. Several shooting scenes from a high powered riffle similar to the movie ‘Shooter’ that is once the trigger is pulled you hear the bang then several seconds later you see the mark fall. The plot is something like the shooter does a job for someone (like the CIA) and they no longer need him and try to dispose of him or some other form of double cross. I remember the final scene after some form of car crash the shooter gets out of the car gets his gun and ramsets (explosive bolt) his gun tripod to the roof of the car and shoots the fleeing vehicle which is going in and out of dips naturally he times it right for the third of fourth dip being several seconds of flight time. I did think the main actor was Wesley Snipes but can’t find it. I also believe the opening scene is a ramset being shot into cement to hold a tripod for a distance shot.

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Sabotage (1996) - VHS Cover

Were you thinking of "Sabotage (1996)"?

An ex-Navy commando is framed for a bungled mission to save hostages from terrorists. He survived after being shot 7 times by an assassin.

Years later, he is hired to protect a weapons distributor and his wife, only to have the same assassin kill them.

This sets him on a mission, along with an FBI agent, to bring the killers and conspirators to justice.

Sabotage (1996) - Pic 01

Mark Dacascos (far right) plays the "nice guy" sniper...

Sabotage (1996) - Pic 02

and Tony Todd plays the evil one.

Here's a montage featuring the first scene (just skip to the end) i.e. shooting at a moving vehicle. And here's a clip of the rooftop assassination.

If you want to get a better idea, there's a German dub available here. You'll probably encounter a single pop-up, which can be closed easily enough! Slide the marker to 08:10 to catch the rooftop sequence. Then skip further down to around 1:29:00 for the final shot.

You can read a review here. And for a literal shot-by-shot account of the kills, go here.

~ Movie stills from; VHS cover art from Amazon

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Brillant that is the one. Thanks very much Rumandwrite. – Tassy Pete Feb 19 '14 at 11:00
OK, it's been 19 years I was searching for this movie, thanks to this particular shooting scene. I don't recall it as a particularly brilliant movie, but was regularly scratching my head trying to google around with the details provided above. Well, now, I can sleep again :) Nec – user26036 Sep 18 '15 at 8:58

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