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The movie takes place "in the near future" and the plot of this movie involves a small team of 5-6 people that have to infiltrate a base or a country (evil of course). The leaders won't send an army because it attracts too much attention and they have no chance to fight the evil enemies.

The main thing is that the team members and enemies drop some sort of a technological device and using body and arm movements and poses, create something akin to spells and creatures, with the danger of blowing up if wrong movements are made.

Their ship crashes(or lands) in a forest setting and they go on foot to the enemy.

The movie is totally in English but I can't remember the actors of being well-known or not. Also the CGI looks to be average for that time period so I can't tell anything about the budget. It wasn't a cinema movie, that's for sure.

I also remember the military men of the group hating to use that "magical" technology because it smells like sulfur. They also call the women witches. This is all that I remember about that movie.

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Was the primary language in the movie, English? –  Annjawn Feb 17 at 23:49
edited and added some more stuff that I recalled today. –  Discipol Feb 18 at 8:04
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