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I think the movie is black and white. Was made in the 40's or up to the 60's maybe. The main character is a man, and he goes by a shortened version of his actual last name. Like Pennywise, or something. A young boy comes to live with him, I think it's his nephew. I've searched for a few years online and cannot figure it out. Please help me identify this movie. I would like to see it again.

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I think it's Pimpernel Svensson. The main character name is Anders 'Pimpernel' Svensson.

From the summary of IMDB

In post-war Sweden, dairy-farmer Anders Svensson spends his time strumming his guitar and neglecting his chores. When he hears that his nephew, Ville Lundgren, is being detained [...] Anders gives him the bottles to carry on the ship and, because of the general's presence, the guards pass him through. Anders and the maybe/maybe-not deceived Badajsky part as friends, and Anders and his nephew head back to Sweden for a family reunion.

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