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The film opens with a man unpacking the contents of a house. A couple have moved into a duplex in which the previous family were killed. The man is wanting to explore whether the duplex is haunted or not. There is some activity right from the beginning and then the woman moves out because she cannot cope with the activity. She returns and the activity continues. That was all I saw.

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When did you see the movie? Do you know of it was released in theaters, made for TV, or direct to video? Do you have any idea of when the movie was released? –  MattD Feb 13 at 0:15
I caught it on the internet. No real idea except it was a paranormal activity type so the noughties maybe. –  Von Rose Feb 13 at 0:17
Could this be Sinister (2012)? Seems to have some similarities. –  iandotkelly Feb 13 at 1:07
No it is not Sinister. Thank you for trying x –  Von Rose Feb 13 at 1:16
@VonRose ... Put a post up to answer your own question. There are no rules against doing this. –  Paulster2 Feb 15 at 3:08
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