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For the first few seasons, during the credits of almost every episode of Archer, a photo is shown, of a middle-aged blonde woman leaning on a table, possibly at a bar or diner. The woman seems reminiscent of, but is not identical to, the Archer character named Pam.

The name of the production company, "Floyd County", appears and the phrase, "Made... in Georgia." is spoken.

Who is this woman and why was this image used?

Screen capture:

screencap of the Floyd County image

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She looks like Courtney love to me. –  user8224 Feb 25 at 3:36

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I did some digging and found 2 forums (here and here) where this picture was discussed. The posts state that this image came from a stock photo site, istockphoto.

Though there was a link in the discussions to support the findings, the link no longer works, so I cannot prove that the image came from istockphoto. Nonetheless, the multiple discussion threads give me quite the confidence that the image was pulled from a stock photo site.

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Found this by googling for 'tired older blonde woman in a motor home': spiderpic.com/stock-photos/istockphoto/… –  Randomibis Jul 23 at 11:17

The woman lives in Floyd county and actually helped with Making archer in the very beginning I use to see her at bars and parties she's retired army brat named Pam but more like lanna

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Can you supply any supporting evidence? –  JoshDM May 6 at 18:18

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