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I'm not sure if it was a movie or a series as we only got 1 VHS tape.

What I remember is that the show used what I think were puppet trolls who ran a radio station out from a tree(s). I also remember they did covers of well-known songs. Problem is I don't known any of their names but I have heard them in time. I remember who I think is the leader always wearing sunglasses because he showed up a lot of the time.

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There was asp a movie with same characters and a bad guy trying to steal the sun. But I can't remember the name my sister had it on vhs – Samantha Mar 20 at 2:53
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Trollies Radio Show Sing-a-long - VHS Cover

Sounds like "Trollies Radio Show Sing-a-long".

It was a direct-to-video musical with puppet trolls singing hits as well as original songs. The troll radio station featured in the programme was called "W-TROLL", and the DJs were Rock ‘n’ Troll and Cherry Troll Trollie.

Trollies Radio Show Sing-a-long - Pic 01

Read more about the show here and watch a clip. You'll find lots more on YouTube.

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