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Just before the climax of The Departed, Billy comes to Madolyn's apartment and gives her a package to keep safe and asks her to open it if he's dead or if he tells her to.
enter image description here enter image description here

In a later scene, we see her naming the package Costigan and putting it in her drawer in her office. enter image description here

This scene than cuts to Madolyn telling Collin about her pregnancy.
What's in that package? It is never mentioned in the movie again, is it?

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The envelope's contents are never definitively explained in the film. However, it seems logical to assume it contains either evidence or at least an explanation of the truth - that Leo DiCaprio (i.e. Costigan) is the real good guy and Matt Damon (i.e. Sullivan) is the real bad guy.

Earlier in the film, Sullivan's girlfriend Madolyn finds out the truth about Sullivan through a CD - but that wasn't meant for her, but rather to show Sullivan that evidence existed against him. It's possible that this same evidence was given by Costigan to Madolyn (possibly with even more evidence/detail to be used in the event of Costigan's death).

In fact, given how the film ends, it's not too much of a stretch to believe that Wahlberg (i.e. Dignam) was either given a copy of the same evidence by Costigan or was given the evidence directly by Sullivan's (now ex) girlfriend Madolyn, which gave him the final "push" required to kill him.

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Are you referring to the package containing the recordings? If so, this is the evidence that instigates the 'rooftop meeting'...

Later, [Madolyn] discovers a package from Costigan containing a CD with recordings of Costello's conversations with Sullivan. Sullivan walks in as she is listening and tries unsuccessfully to assuage her suspicions. He contacts Costigan, who reveals that Costello recorded every conversation he had with Sullivan. Costello's attorney left Costigan in possession of the recordings and he intends to implicate Sullivan. They agree to meet at the building where Queenan died.

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no that package is received by post & was in white envelope. Billy gives her a brown package before the climax –  KharoBangdo Feb 2 '14 at 12:22
Oh OK! I See. Thought that would have been a major plot point to miss! I'll have to rewatch... –  John Smith Optional Feb 2 '14 at 12:24

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