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Two guys learn different styles of karate and new languages after computer-chips are installed into their brains. I've been busy, so I only saw a few scenes from the film. In the beginning, these two were homeless on the street, harassed by thugs. Then they get chips on the neck (I did not see how, probably by mistake). and they knew more than 20 languages ​​and fighting styles. so they fought against the enemy

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Mmm, not sure about new languages, but is this "The Matrix"? Seems too obvious though. –  iandotkelly Feb 1 at 21:04
I was just typing an answer suggesting this, I think we need more details... –  John Smith Optional Feb 1 at 21:05
I think so too - when you saw it, what movies it is like, any actors you recognize, where is it set. –  iandotkelly Feb 1 at 21:06
What's with the rapid close votes around here? Meta.Movies.SE says it gets 14 days to improve an identification question. –  wbogacz Feb 1 at 21:44
Off course it isn't "The Matrix"..I looked all over the net. that's why I'm here. I hope someone will help. I'm new here btw –  pajun Feb 4 at 22:33

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The answer to this question is The Matrix.

Elaboration: (As asked by questioner) In the first part when Neo comes to the real world, he learns all the fighting techniques from a computer chip which installs the techniques in his mind.

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Could you perhaps elaborate your answer a bit? Explain why you think this is The Matrix –  Tom Feb 2 at 17:45
The Matrix was suggested 21 hours before this answer as a comment. How does this "answer" elucidate on that suggestion? This does not seem to be a valid or thoughtful answer. This would be better as comment since it is not an answer. I'd suggest looking at the Tour under the help menu above. Hint: since reading the Tour gives you a badge, and you don't have that badge, it's obvious when someone has not read it. ;) –  Meat Trademark Feb 2 at 18:13
"The Matrix was suggested 21 hours before this answer as a comment." - Wasn't written as an answer so its fair game –  Travis Feb 5 at 11:34
"these two were homeless on the street, harassed by thugs" - where is this in the matrix? –  Bobby Alexander Apr 8 at 7:11

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