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Padme was pregnant when Anakin killed her (or so he believes) -- he has no knowledge of her having given birth and as far as I can tell, he thinks she died before giving birth.

So why isn't his reaction when he finds out there's a young Skywalker "wait, so I didn't kill her?"

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At that point, there's VERY little left of Anakin in him. He has no memory or love of Padme left, just the Dark Side of the Force

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A good alternative to the obvious "because when he finds out, he didn't know 20 years later somebody would come up with a backstory where he's not supposed to know he has children". –  Napoleon Wilson Jan 27 '14 at 21:21

It's possible that you don't witness the time when he actually discovers this. Rather you only see the times after. Also because of his personality change he doesn't feel the natural reaction to meeting them.

I have this image though of Vader secretly going to see Luke when he was young, hiding just to catch a glimpse of him, then leaving.

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The simple answer..."the Force is strong in this one." Anakin/Vader knows his strength from his arrogant youth and knows his weaknesses from his 15+ years of servitude, (additionally his regrets.)

As for Padme, she did gasp after he stopped choking her. But regardless, I believe he knew she died but was unaware she gave (premature?) birth of her children prior to that. Clearly her death was known by Yoda and his interest and (Jimmy Smits) was to not hide it.

As to whether the Force should be strong enough to tell if her body still held his unborn children...I am not strong enough to tell.

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