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I've watched Memento quite a few times. I feel for the most part that I understand it, while most people don't. I’ve seen people go as far as to say that Lenny is Sammy Jankins which is impossible. But my interpretation is:

Since Lenny applied what happened to his wife in the story of Sammy Jankins, then obviously he has to be capable of making memories after the accident or he wouldn't know all of these details thus making Lenny's condition psychological not physical and he just lies to himself to relieve his guilt and continues to believe it's physical for the same reason.

But what I don’t get is the scene at the end where he's in bed with his wife and it shows his "I've done it" tattoo. So if his wife was alive to obviously see that tattoo what was his motive to kill him? And why is the tattoo not shown throughout the movie? Unless Lenny's wife didn’t actually die and he broke the cycle and got back with her or unless he got it removed to continue this cycle. But that doesn’t explain why his wife is alive while he has this tattoo. Can anyone explain this to me?

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This is really a question that I haven't figured out till now. Bajur's comment is really interesting because I didn't pay attention to the fact that in the picture Teddy shows to Lenny, he pointed his finger at the chest, which is the place where he has the tattoo "I've done it". So why don't we see any tattoo before the whole movie. At first I thought like most ppl that it's just a false flashback Lenny make up for himself. But the more I think the more it gets complicated. Another point is the role of Natalie is not quite clear. –  thai lam Nov 17 '14 at 3:36

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Lenny is ostensibly suffering from a form of Anterograde amnesia, but as far as I'm aware this is never explicitly confirmed.

Whether you believe that Lenny is Sammy Jankins, whether Sammy Jenkins actually exists or whether Lenny has projected aspects of his personal history onto Sammy is irrelevant: the important thing to take away from Lenny's stories is that he is an unreliable narrator, and his perspective is untrustworthy.

What we can take from this is that Lenny's 'flashbacks' are distortions of his own personal history, and as such do not necessarily have to conform to the rules of narrative logic.

The memories he 'creates' are part of a coping mechanism he seems to have developed as a way of dealing with the trauma of Whatever really happened, between him and his wife.

As you identified, the 'impossible tattoo' is just that: impossible. It's part of his fantasy.

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Thanks i never really thought of it like that. You and Ankit Sharma seem to have a better grasp on the story then pretty much the whole internet! –  Nick S Jan 27 '14 at 22:26
@NickS, no worries Nick, that's what makes this site so much better than all the wiki's out there: you can just ask a question as a human being and get an answer from another human! Who knew open communication would be so helpful?!?! :) –  John Smith Optional Jan 27 '14 at 22:28

I think the "I'VE DONE IT" tattoo is an important plot point and maybe even the climax of the movie. Its appearance is a sign Lenny realizes -- if only for a moment, before his next memory lapse -- that he has found a way to get some vengeance and also end his run of murders.

Lenny has just written himself a note to get a tattoo of Teddy's license plate number. He does this to punish Teddy because Teddy has just confessed to using Lenny. Lenny knows he himself will soon forget the confession and everything else that just happened. So Lenny decides to sentence Teddy to death, by getting a tattoo of Teddy's license plate, which later will make forgetful-Lenny think Teddy is John G.

The image of the "I'VE DONE IT" tattoo depicts Lenny just after writing the note to himself about Teddy's license plate -- briefly savoring a moment of victory in the form of a quick day-dream where he is with his wife, laying in bed, a proclamation of victory freshly inked on his chest.

Immediately after the appearance of the image with the "I'VE DONE IT" tattoo, Lenny's memory resets. Lenny is sitting there, having forgotten everything that just happened in the previous 5 minutes or so -- but holding that fateful note about Teddy's license plate, which will indeed lead Lenny to eventually kill Teddy, giving him vengeance and presumably ending his string of murders.

See for yourself: watch the scene again.

23 Dec 2014 EDIT: As mentioned in Bajur's answer, there is a mid-movie scene where Natalie is touching a blank spot on Lenny's chest, right where the "I'VE DONE IT" tattoo would be, and asks "And what about here?" Lenny answers : "Maybe it's for when I find him." I think that dialogue shows Lenny was saving the spot on his chest for when he catches the man he is looking for -- confirming that the moment where he "sees" himself with the "I'VE DONE IT" tattoo in that spot is a moment when he knows he has accomplished his goal.

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I had forgotten about those flashes with his wife and the tattoo. Given that the previous flashbacks were in black & white, he doesn't have that tattoo in any other part of the movie--many of which happen later in real time--and that he sees that vision while closing his eyes, I think he's imagining it--not remembering. –  David Harkness May 18 '14 at 1:46
Side note about David Harkness's comment: The previous flashbacks about his wife during the color sequences weren't in black-and-white; they were in color. (And some of them happen with his eyes closed, especially the ones when he's talking to Natalie in the diner.) We have seen that his memories of that time are unreliable, though; in particular, we see him pinch her in one flashback and poke her with a needle in another. –  Jed Hartman Sep 29 '14 at 2:30

We never see "I've done it" tattoo before that scene. Its like a conflicted memory to me. I mean their is no time travel in the film and he doesn't have the tattoo in present of previous flashback. So new flashback with that tattoo seems to be effect of Teddy's conversation with him, which might made Leonard doubt his own life.

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check out the 35:29 min of the film , while natalie was touching lenny's chest she asks : and what about here ? lenny answers : maybe its for when i find him

you can clearly see a somewhat of a strange volume in his chest , note that it is in the exact place of his "i've done it" tatto and thats also the place where hes pointing out in that picture teddy took of him when he killed the real john G...

not sure if its important of not but i find it strange that i never saw anyone speaking about this scene, go look at it in youtube or something , not sure if it will be at 35:29 min but its in that scene lenny shows a picture of dodd to natalie and he then steps into her house (in the film is just after the scene where he wakes up in her room , in the chronological order its after he solves the whole dodd problem) btw english is not my mother language so be patient about my grammar.

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+1 Definitely an important detail. I hope you don't mind: I'm going to incorporate this into my answer on this page. –  Shiz Z. Dec 23 '14 at 16:53

I'm so tired of people saying "he just gets it removed- simple as that"

Have you ever seen the result of a removed tattoo?? It's not pretty, and it can take dozens of sessions to remove a tat, and even then there is almost always residual scarring or discoloration.

We would definitely be able to tell if he had removed it.

The whole reason Nolan uses tattoos is their permanence.

I think the image of him with his wife is a fantasy- none of the tats are ever removed.

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That's just a day dream. I think he has it on his chest because he just looked at the photo of him pointing to his chest and Teddy just told him they already killed the second attacker (which that truth is up in the air). He is enjoying the momentary victory, revenge, before he forgets all that he has learned, which happens as soon as he sees the tattoo parlor, hence looking at the note card.

As for the him not being Sammy Jankins, I would like to you pause your movie at 1:30:03. You will notice that Sammy is looking at the doctor that passes between the camera and himself, when the doctor clears the screen it is Lenny sitting in the chair at the mental institute for a split second before it cuts back to him on a phone. This scene is before any mention of him being Sammy by Teddy.

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Actually its possible to fit it into the timeline of the movie

His wife survives the initial accident but he gets separated from her. He goes on a quest to find the supposed killer and gets the tattoos we see throughout the movie

He kills the person and gets the I've done it tattoo. His wife finds him later and they live together again as seen briefly. He puts her in a coma with the insulin but he can't take what he's done so he gets the tatoo removed so he can get lost in his quest to find the murderer again

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Teddy helps him kill the actual "2nd man" and he does in fact get his "I did it" tattoo before he od'd his wife on insulin (if this even happened since we know Teddy is not adverse to lying to Lenny). Maybe the tattoo is there when Natalie points to it. He's telling her he's going to kill the guy and she's saying "what about this?" but when he says maybe I'm saving it for after, because he doesn't WANT in to be there, she just shrugs it off as more craziness. It makes a lot of sense, because there are plenty of blank spots she could have pointed to so why that one, specifically? It doesn't make sense because I'm pretty sure the "John G raped and murdered my wife" tat is there when his wife is looking at the "I did it" tattoo... Thoughts?

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I think there are 3 possible theories, considering the objective truths that Nolan presents us (specially in the end of the movie).

1st (Lennys theory) - His wife was raped and murdered by John G and the story that Lenny tells about Sammy is true.

2nd (Teddys theory) - His wife was raped and survived the accident. Lenny got his amnesia and his wife tested him with the insulin shots. Lenny kills her with the shots. Lenny and Sammy are the same person (proved by the Sammy/Lenny hospital scene).

3rd (Wife + I've done it tatoo)- Lenny always says that his last memory was of his wife dying but he never saw her dead... She could still be alive and for a brief period could have lived whit Lenny while he was in search of John G. She could have accepted his thirst for revenge as long as it would stop with the killing of John G. The "I've done it" tattoo would be a reminder to Lenny that his search was over and he could finally live with his wife peacefully (they were both relaxing in bed with lenny's body full of tattos, including the "I've done it" one) ...When she realized that Lenny would not stop, she left him. I know that he doesn't have the tatto any more but for the sake of this theory let's say that he removed it xD

The last one is a little far fetched but at least can explain the I've done it bed scene.

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what i think

so these is before every thing happend so lenny has met a guy whit a AMD conncdition amnesia but the story is not the same he just remembers the name hance sammy jankins now he forgets it bla bla move fowerd to the attack one night 2 white males attack his home while sleaping they don't notice him being covered in sheets they take his wife to the bathrom and start rape/ choking her ( no not trying to kill her just for there fun and to keep her quiet) now he wakes up he uncovers the sheets and goes for a gun takes the gun enters and shoots the first guy now some one hits him in the head he falls and lays next to his wife being covered in the shower curtins (in his mind these is the LAST thing he remembers plus a split moment of some one uncovering her face but not knowing if she is dead or alive ) now what happens is i think teddy the officer came as one of the investigators to the scean he wasn't really a good cop not a bad one also so after period of time lanny has these condition AMD or what ever its called (Anterograde amnesia) basicly in period of 10-20 miniuts you can forget stuff. The cops say he didn't kill the guy and none but taddy belive there was a 2nd guy now they don't charge lenny whit any thing WHY would they he was intruded and i think in america its legal to kill if some one attacks you and you defended yourself which HE DID so they pass it by now his wife NOT DEAD finds out he got the condition AMD when he comes back he dosn't know his wife is there he thinks she is dead so she keeps trying whit diffrent things(sammy jankis story) to see if he is faking or something she can't belive these happend now she did have diabitis and for period of time he was giving her the insulin but he though she was dead and he was giving some one else these insulin or he forgot imidiatly that she was there after that cuz he probably had the memory of him before the accident giving her the insulin now in all these he starts to creat a story to figure out who raped / "killed" his wife so he writes his tattos like the ones we see in the movie accept for the one "I HAVE DONE IT" ( these one is shown as the truth of hearth ) so same as in the sammy story she dose same shit and he kills her whit over doseing her he wrote DON'T forget sammy jankins also imiditaly after he had the same condition but because of his memory the story is now conflicting now he DOSE kill his wife the cops come again so dose teddy and he again proly tells tedy there was 2nd guy whit the same story now also starting to creat the sammy story they put lanny in a hospital for mentaly disabled people not jail and after some times 1# he escapes 2# teddy gets him out to be under his supervision 3# he is let out and these is where the story starts not the film story but the main plot so what i think is that teddy and lanny find the 2nd murder probably Jhon G___ something and he writes that next to he murdered and raped your wife hance the picture of him being HAPPY whitout cloaths also some tattos are not there the CLUES basicly or the telephone thing so then the film story starts taddy find out that lanny dosn't remember killing any one so he finds a normal drug dealer and makes lanny kill him the phone calls where whit i think these drug dealer and teddy some where whit teddy and others whit the drug dealer now these is where the drug deal happens basicly the last part so he kills him takes his cloaths car and other stuff he probably did the same whit the 2nd killer now you just fallow the story basicly teddy told him the truth he kill his wife she did have diabitis he killed her so in that shot in his HEARTH he knows I DID IT hance its only shown there but he will LIE to himself just to make himself going beliving in his mind that that is not true and creating the story of sammy improveing and constantly changing it in the end killing the police officer teddy who did kinda use him for his busts or for people who didn't get cought so in the end the 1st scean we can just say that he will find a new target and go on he is not a killer but thats what makes him so good right lol the story so he will keep driving himself until he finds the killer but we should all know his wife was raped and he killed her other parts of the story don't really matter they are there to distracat us from the main question who killed her is sammy real or WTH so these is what i think

Lanny killed her and he just can't admit that he did it whit insulin so he thinks that she was raped and murder in that shower scean which is THE LAST THING he remembers so he can't know for sure if she died or lived but we know she lived until he killed her some of the things are shown from HIS HEARTH and some i think from his MIND. Which you need to pay close atention to which are the ones from the hearth ( example i did it not the tatto but just the act and the insulin ) or mind ( example the sammy story and teddy now being the Jhon G__)

thats what i think might be confusing but other than that i don't belive Teddy did it and would follow him around using him he would be AN IDIOT !

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I count two periods and one exclamation point. Not bad. –  Jason C Mar 23 at 23:54
Welcome to Movies & TV. Is there any way to bring at least some kind of structure, or at least some actual punctuation, into this post to make it look and read less like the ramblings of a madman and more like an actual answer to the question? –  Napoleon Wilson Mar 23 at 23:59

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