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In The Adventures of Tintin, the main pursuit for most of the movie is a sunken shipwreck with 400 weight of gold and treasure hidden with it.

But I can't help but wonder, as I'm not familiar with the measurement, how much is 400 weight of gold?

More specifically, what would 400 weight of gold be worth today (or perhaps more relevantly, in Tintin's day)?

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A 400 weight seems to be a standard measure of 400 troy ounces nominal weight with an actual weight of between 350 and 430 ounces ( The range of 80 ounces makes this tough to answer precisely. – James McLeod Jan 25 '14 at 0:47
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If it was an actual 400 troy oz then today January 14, 2014 with gold at 1,269 USD/oz it would be worth 507,600 USD.

Based on the time period of the stories the movie is based on (1941-44) when gold was 33.85 USD/oz then it would be worth 13,540 USD or adjusted for inflation 179,218.06 USD

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I could be wrong, but they might be using the old yet of weight not as "weight" but as a fother, or cart-load. This is also described as six stacks, where each stack is five fortmal, or as a volume of forty bushels; roughly 320 gallons. If we go by the volume measurement, that's roughly 128,000 gallons of gold and jewels, which is very hard to get a price estimate on.

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You don't measure solids in liquid measures?? – cde Jul 8 at 4:21

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