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I remember seeing a horror movie where the house came alive. Everything came alive and attacked this person - the rug, the walls, I think stuff was flying out of the closet also. His bed may have come alive too.

I saw it while waiting in line for a haunted house. This was probably twenty years ago, but the movie may have been from the mid to late eighties. There could've been monsters involved as well.

Does anyone recognize this story?

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Do you have any other details? There are many many movies where either the house or spirits in the house move furniture and attack residents with furnishings. – JohnP Jan 24 '14 at 14:38
It was more than just stuff moving around, it was like the furnishings were actually monsters, I specifically remember the carpet coming alive and attacking him. I've googled it before and only "House" comes up, it's definitely not "House" I know that much. This is really all I remember, thanks for answering! – fiddle diddler Jan 24 '14 at 17:19
Has some similarity to Evil Dead. Was the house a cabin in the woods? – Leatherwing Jan 24 '14 at 18:39
It was not Evil Dead, I've seen that before. I have no idea if the house was in the woods or not, it seemed like it was just a normal house and not all that cabin-like. I only saw it for like 3 minutes, it was basically the scene I was describing and then another clip came on from a different movie. – fiddle diddler Jan 24 '14 at 23:25
Was it Mr. Boogedy? Or, perhaps one of the sequels? Since it's Disney, it seems a likely candidate for a haunted house waiting line. – Joe Johnson 126 Jan 25 '14 at 12:43

Probably that's "House" (1986).

enter image description here

Roger Cobb is a Vietnam vet whose career as a horror novelist has taken a turn for the worse when his son Jimmy mysteriously disappears while visiting his aunt's house. Roger's search for Jimmy destroys his marriage and his writing career. The sudden death of his aunt brings Roger back to the house where his nightmares began. The evil zombies in the house force Roger to endure a harrowing journey into his past.

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I was thinking Amityville Horror, I don't remember too much about the story but it was in the late '70 and a Oscar winning classic horror flick. You can see synopsis here, This involved a haunted house which was the seen of a mass murder.

I remember the house coming alive, and attacking the family..etc. No zombies unfortunately.. I like zombies. ;) Turtle zombies esp.

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The beginning of "The Frighteners" starts like that but it was from 1996.

The sequence can be seen here sans dialogue and oddly, at a 5 : 4 aspect ratio instead of the film's 2.35 : 1. Still, you get the idea.

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I think it might be this one This House Possessed

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Kindly add relevant part here in answer along iwth linnk. As external link may change in future. Also add some info why you believe that how this matches with question – Panther Sep 6 '15 at 5:12

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