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I'm looking for a film with a medieval setting in which one person executed another by pouring water over him/her and letting him/her freeze to death. The person getting executed was down on his/her knees and tied up.

It was during the winter, and there was a castle in the background.

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Do you remember any other details, such as when you saw this or the character features? –  ArturBalestro Jan 24 at 10:11
Not much. 1. the executioner poured the water from a bucket, 2. he was angry at the person he was killing, 3. it was intended as an execution first and as a painful punishment second, 4. it was quick — the screen time from that person being tied up on the ground to him/her being dead took maximum 15 seconds of screen time. It was also not one of the following films: Sunshine (1999), Men Behind the Sun (or anything Unit 731-related), Saw III, Batman & Robin, or anything Star trek-related. (I am excluding everything that had been suggested before) –  OutOfNiceUsernames Jan 24 at 11:32
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