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Saw a trailer the other day on some tv channel, but forgot the name.


Head of corporation is in a meeting with a well dressed guy. Well dressed guy presents himself as a member of a club. Club assassinates target, but members must provide a target. The target must be clued in on his impending assassination. CEO guy asks how to join. Club member mentions a $50 fee or something (I thought this was part of some joke though) CEO guy thinks it's too expensive Club member mentions it's to run the club, or expenses CEO guy thinks, and asks how to join Club member says "you cant join, because you are the target" CEO guy gets super paranoid and tries to go downstairs, but there's so many people he gets super paranoid Club member thinks he's late or something

The trailer mentioned it was based off some book. It was titled "The C " but i forget the last word.

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Hmm...strong resemblance to The Assassination Bureau, where the bureau is given a contract to kill the CEO of the bureau. It's based off an unfinished book by Jack London. –  JohnP Jan 23 at 1:13
@johnp But this time it's a willing interview with the CEO, and the plot twist is when the CEO realizes he is the target –  DISREGARD MODS ACQUIRE REP Jan 23 at 1:25
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Assassination_Bureau - I don't think that is it for sure, just that it has strong resemblance. And the CEO in the film/book knows about the contract. –  JohnP Jan 23 at 1:28
@Slowpoke: Was the Assassination Bureau correct, or are we still looking? –  Andrew Martin Mar 7 at 18:28
@AndrewMartin THat's not the name. It looked fairly new, and though the trailer didn't say whether or not there was a full movie, it was shown on PBS (not grainy film, like 2013 quality film) –  DISREGARD MODS ACQUIRE REP Mar 7 at 23:35
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