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This is a hard one, possibly - as again I can remember very little about the film. It was an American film and probably made in the 1980s or 1990s. I was pretty sure that the lead actress was Drew Barrymore - and still think it may be. But I also thought the film was Poison Ivy, but apparently not. I don't think it's the sequel either.

I really want to find a piece of music which was in one of the scenes. The scene was a dim, seedy nightclub of some sort and a group of people are sitting around a table getting drunk/stoned or both. As the scene faded out, there were beer bottles on the floor where they had been drinking. Their conversation is almost drowned out by the music. The music in question is a slow, plodding, rock instrumental. Obviously there are no words, but it is interspersed with long screams - which suited the rather dingy, seedy surroundings.

I think the next morning that one of the actresses girlfriends told her about what had happened the night before with one of the men and warned her about some danger. Perhaps it was someone she shouldn't be getting involved with. I seem to remember some kind of flirting and footsie going on under the table at the club where this music was playing and the implication was that more happened afterwards. In any case, it seemed to be an ominous liaison. Perhaps the rest of the movie revolved around this ill-fated relationship. (?)

I heard the track first on an early 90s late night Channel 4 (?) show - which I can't remember the name of either. The show was a kind of fetish cabaret show and to this particular track, there were ladies and gentlemen on stage in bondage gear with cages and chains and whips etc. doing an expressive (and suggestive) dance to the music. I mention this because it was probably used at the time as music outside of the movie in Gothic settings and the like.

I hope someone will be able to identify the film and/or the music. ... The screams must be quite a give-away, I hope!

P.S. I've discovered that the British Channel 4 show the song appeared in with the dance routine was 'Viva Cabaret' from 26.5.94 and Kid Creole and the Coconuts was one of the acts that evening - so the movie was definitely before then - assuming that the music played in the club in the film was written as part of the soundtrack and was being used later on Viva Cabaret when the Viva Dancers danced to it. (For anyone who's interested, Viva Cabaret ran for two series and was on Wednesday nights - 10.30pm - 11.20pm and had various hosts - including Lily Savage. There is very little information about it on the internet).

The song may have been specifically written for the movie soundtrack or it may have been an existing song.

I have been through the Drew Barrymore Filmography and am not at all sure it was one of her movies at all - so it must have been an actress similar to her. I seem to remember that the female actress who was the lead was in her late teens or twenties

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