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I have a feeling this was a film rather than a TV programme or TV play. I saw it in the 1960s so it could have been a 1950s Film Noir crime movie. It was in black and white I remember, but I may be wrong there too.

All I remember of it was a glamorous woman standing in the foreground and two hoods (?) are holding a man in the background - one holding each arm. I seem to remember the scene was outdoors at night and one of those old fashioned black cars was in the shot, but the car may not have been in shot. The lady (not looking behind her) and still looking out of the screen says to the hoods something like "Kill him" or "Get rid of him" and they drag the man away. I got the impression that the lady was a gangster or a gangster's moll, but I could be very wrong there.

I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but I hope someone remembers a similar scene in a film.

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