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I have no idea what the film is or who the actors were, but someone might remember the scene. I have a feeling it may have been something like Play For Today or a T.V. drama rather than a film. I know my parents watched Dixon of Dock Green and Z Cars - so it could have been one of those episodes. I saw the programme as a child in the 1960s.

The scene involved (I think) a couple visiting their neighbours in their living room. As they got up to see themselves out, they put on leather driving gloves and - when they were behind their neighbours chairs - they strangled them at the same time using lengths of cord or ties or something similar. I think it was a man and a woman visiting a man and a woman. It was so shocking to me at the time because it was a very normal activity with a totally unexpected outcome.

Of course, with time, I may have got this very wrong, but I have often wondered what that programme was and would be so thankful if anyone knew. :-)

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Possible the true life series, "Deadly Women"? There are few double strangulations documented. –  JohnP Jan 19 at 23:10
Thank you, John. If this is the American Documentary series which began in 1998, then it is far too late. I saw this programme when I was a kid in the 1960s. The feel of the programme was more like a TV drama or play rather than a film. I must have seen it in the mid-late 60s I guess. Thanks for the suggestion. All suggestions very gratefully received! :-) –  ambi bambi Jan 20 at 1:47
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