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Movie where guy is solicited by young teen prostitute and he ends up raising her?

He first sees her with another potential client; she either already has or gets a black eye and tries to have sex with him. He gives her a sandwich. Then he runs into her later and ends up taking her to his apartment to look after her. She ends up going to school, etc.

If I remember correctly, it's a recent movie with the male lead being mid 20s.

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Welcome to the Raileys? – Larme Jan 16 '14 at 11:58
@Larme looks like a match, why not you add it as an answer? – Ankit Sharma Jan 16 '14 at 12:14
I didn't see the movie, just the trailer a long time ago. So I don't know if it matches all your memories of this movie. – Larme Jan 16 '14 at 12:29
@Larme - You should add it as an answer, and let the OP judge later if it is correct or not. – System Down Jan 16 '14 at 18:22

Seems to be the plot of Welcome to the Riley's with James Gandolfini as the man and Kristen Stewart as the prostitue/stripper.
Here's the IMDB page

The Plot (from WikiPedia):

Ever since the death of their daughter Emily, Doug (James Gandolfini) and Lois Riley (Melissa Leo) have been drifting apart. As Lois wrestles with a suffocating sense of guilt over her daughter's death, Doug copes by entering into an affair with Vivian, a local waitress. Lately, Lois hasn't even been able to muster the courage to venture outside, summoning hairdressers to her home in order to maintain appearances and communicating with few people other than her sister Harriet and the local pastor. When Vivian dies and Doug finds himself in a New Orleans strip club during a business trip, he realizes he's come to a dangerous crossroads in life.

Turning down an offer for a private dance by 16-year-old stripper Mallory (Kristen Stewart), Doug instead accompanies the girl home and makes a most unusual proposition: If Mallory will allow him to stay in her run-down house long enough to straighten himself out, he will pay her $100 a day for her trouble. For Mallory, who isn't used to getting money for nothing, it seems like a great deal. She accepts, and Doug phones Lois to tell her he won't be coming home. As time passes, Doug and Mallory settle into an unconventional kind of domesticity.

Meanwhile, back home, Lois realizes that she'll have to act fast in order to save her marriage, even if that means venturing well outside her comfort zone for the first time in nearly a decade. Most days she can't even make it to the mailbox, but after a couple of attempts, Lois manages to start up her car and get on the freeway heading south. When Lois arrives in Louisiana and discovers that her husband is living with a foul-mouthed, underage stripper, she is at first horrified. Like Doug before her, however, Lois quickly warms to Mallory due in part to her striking similarities to Emily. Before long, Lois, too, has moved in, and the three form an unconventional family. But when Lois attempts to steer Mallory from the path of self-destruction, the young girl bristles. Mallory is arrested after an altercation with a client, and Doug and Lois rush to be by her side, but shortly after they bail her out, she runs away. Doug and Lois realize they cannot use Mallory as a substitute for their daughter and return to Indianapolis. Shortly after returning and settling back at home, Doug receives a phone call from Mallory in Houston. She announces her plans about moving to Las Vegas, just before boarding the bus. Doug clarifies to her that she will always be supported by his family, if any needs should come. Doug and Lois finally begin to re-engage with the world.

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Well, I figured it out. The movie is "Detachment" with Adrien Brody.

The other answer made me realize I was going to need more details to differentiate the movies, and when I got to thinking about them, I remembered!

Detachment's two story arcs sort of separated into two separate movies for me. Anyway, I enjoyed the movie more than most, so I intend to watch it again.

Thanks for your help!

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Good job! Don't forget to accept your own answer. – System Down Jan 17 '14 at 16:31

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