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In the Disney animated movie Frozen, when Anna was still young she was struck accidentally by Elsa with her Frost powers and froze Anna's heart. Anna was brought to the Trolls by her parents to heal her. At that time Kristoff saw how the trolls healed Anna.

Now when Anna was pursuing Elsa, she was again accidentally struck by Elsa with her Frost powers. Kristoff then brought Anna to the trolls again hoping that they could do something about her.

Now my questions are, did the Trolls know that it was Anna, the same girl that was brought to them a few years ago? As well as Kristoff. Did Kristoff know or remember that it was Anna that he saw few years ago healed by the Trolls?

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I think he did. Who else would have the same hair? OK that sounds dumb. I dont think so. Whatever. I'll ask when I go to Disney. – user12930 Jul 27 '14 at 22:11

The Troll King remembered, as he said that he could not heal Anna as he did before.

Kristoff didn't indicate that he remembered Anna specifically, but he knew that the trolls could heal the type of injury that she had, as he told Anna, because he had seen it done before. He most likely put two and two together, since very few people have sisters with that specific magical ability.

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really? I'll review the movie later an accept your answer by then. thanks – Þaw Jan 20 '14 at 2:08

I got the impression that the trolls remembered Anna due their mystical 'all-seeing' nature.

However, Kristoff didn't remember her. I think his witnessing of the healing from the early scene in the film was purely for our benefit - we saw the event happen through his eyes. In a way, Kristoff was the audience's eyes and ears in the film.

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No Kristoff did not remember but the trolls did. I don't think that when he Was younger he was paying to who the girls were I think he was paying attention to the trolls

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