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I watched the movie The Others recently, and I was blown away by the ending and the story. I was thinking about this plot element which didn't make much sense to me. It's about the return of the husband of Nicole Kidman's character. I am assuming that plot element employed by the director is that The husband's spirit, after his death, was looking for a way to reach his family, and he even says that dialogue implying that he was searching for their house for a long time in the fog.

What I really don't understand is if his spirit wanted to be with his family, why does he leave them? I am assuming that during his confused state he understands that his family also died like he did, why did he not stay with them? Does his spirit have any other purpose which was not implied in the movie? Can anyone clarify this aspect for me?

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This last answer is right. In the bible lesson in the beginning of the movie the children said that they would deny Christ. That's why they are in purgatory as well a their mother. –  user6184 Sep 20 '13 at 23:25

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Here's the way I understood it:

The husband was killed in the trenches, and is doomed to haunt that place (as his wife and children are doomed to haunt the mansion). He comes home to visit his children, but eventually returns to the front. It is also hinted that his relationship with his wife was strained even when they were alive, and that this strain is what drove the husband to go to join the war in the first place.

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The husband goes to heaven. The mother and children remain because the mother killed her children and herself, and the children admitted that they would openly deny Jesus the Christ before the Roman governor to save their lives.

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I always thought it may have had something to do with him being sickened by the way in which his wife and kids had died.

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No. The wife and children are stuck in purgatory, but he gets to go to heaven. In some Christianity and Catholicism beliefs, suicide prevents you from going to heaven. You're just stuck. I am not 100% sure about the children, but I think their distressful death by their mother leaves them trapped.

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