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In the 3rd episode of the series ("The Revenge of the Sith"), in the ending we see that Anakin kills Padme. Then he fights Obi Wan, loses and the Emperor saves him. When Vader asks if Padme's alright, Palpatine explains that he "killed her in his anger".

In this moment for Anakin should be clear that Dark Side was wrong way to follow, that Sith way of living (in short: emotions) did not provide anything good and Jedi way (in short: reason) was better.

However, in one of the last scenes we see both of them watching construction of the Death Star and of course we know that Palpatine was Vader's master ("The New Hope" and so on) for next 20 years.

I can't realize that for 20 years Vader could not realize that following the Dark Side made him kill Padme and he was somewhat betrayed by Palpatine. Is there any explanation for this?

(I saw only six Star Wars movies, no books etc., nor I have not watched "Clone Wars")

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When Vader killed Padme in anger he lost his reason to live, he'd betrayed the Jedi order (using Palpatine's fictitious uprising as an excuse) and committed murder to increase his power and gain the Sith Lord's trust.

No doubt up until this point he had ambitions of saving Padme, reforming the republic with them at it's head and giving her everything. A dark and twisted devotion to her.

After her death he no longer had these motivations, I believe the fall to the dark side is very much about self deception and finding justification for your actions - after all everyone is the hero of their own story! He blamed Padme's death on the fact she'd betrayed him (bringing Obi Wan to kill him), the betrayal was then cemented when Obi Wan crippled him and left him for dead.

In his mind he'd gone to great lengths for the people he loved, these very people had then betrayed him. He'd been left alone with a crippled body and nowhere to turn... except to the man who'd rescued him and who had tried to help him save Padme - Palpatine.

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At first I'd accepted System Down's answer, but I was thinking and I find your answer as more probable. The transformation into machine is not the reason, as he became evil after killing all from Trade Federation (his eyes became yellow). So your answer is better, however SD's one is also very good, thank you both. – Voitcus Jan 8 '14 at 12:33
Much appreciated, I tried to write a complimentary answer - as SD has already written he's been twisted and destroyed, I tried to give my reasoning for how he'd reached that point. – Liath Jan 8 '14 at 12:41

The best way to put it, I think, is that Vader's spirit had been broken. The combination of succumbing to the Dark Side (and doing unspeakably evil deeds in its name), the destruction of his human body, and Padme's death all contributed in pushing Vader so far into the Darkness that he was barely human anymore. In Episode IV, Obi Wan describes Vader thus:

"He's more machine now than man. Twisted and evil."

Except for a tiny sliver that resurfaces at the end of the original trilogy, all humanity and goodness had been squeezed out of Vader, and all that was left was pure evil that the Emperor used to great effect.

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As per Wookieepedia:

Overwhelmed by his despair in the belief he had killed Amidala and their unborn child, which fulfilled his prophetic dreams of her death, Vader destroyed the medical droids and severely damaged the facility through the Force. He broke his bindings on the operating table and struggled to walk under the sheer weight of his new prostheses and armor. The only purpose that remained in Vader's life was his service to the new Emperor.

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First, you got your facts wrong Anakin didn't kill Padme, when she gave birth she lost the will to live entirely, her whole world fell apart. Her husband, left her and the senate and everything she worked for was gone. Anyways, the reason Vader stayed with Sidious is because he had nothing left, to fight for on the light side of the force.(I know this is a short answer.)

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