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Surely the character knows this will happen through her training. Why wouldn't the hatch have a better mechanism such that astronauts do not run the risk of flying into space.

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It wouldn't be normal to open the hatch when the enclosed space was pressurized, it would be normal to depressurize the space in a controlled way before opening the hatch. –  iandotkelly Dec 31 '13 at 23:23
In an emergency situation the hatch is openable from the outside, so why design it to blow out? –  P399 Jan 1 at 0:13
Its an emergency - how can you prevent the force from the pressure contained? Either you allow external controls to vent the pressure before opening (either these don't exist or they were not used) or the hatch will open with some force. –  iandotkelly Jan 1 at 6:04
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