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In Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, the alternate future where the world is going to end, Zoom has the idea of a chain of event changes caused by The Flash. How is this possible?

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Professor Zoom taunting The Flash over the death of the hero's mother is responsible for the timeline change. In the end, it is revealed that The Flash is responsible for the creation of the alternate world because, after Zoom's taunting, he traveled back in time to save his mother. This created a chain of events which led the world to a destructive situation. Professor Zoom took advantage of this situation.

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What profit did Zoom took from the situation caused..?? –  Mahesh Paul Jan 3 at 5:05
@MaheshPaul Zoom is a super-villain and in situation where your enemy (flash) loose power and other superhero fighting each other, what better you can hope for. –  Ankit Sharma Jan 3 at 6:12
"advantage" not "profit" –  JoshDM Apr 1 at 15:54
@JoshDM ahhh....when answering done in night shift....things go this way ;) –  Ankit Sharma Apr 1 at 18:06
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