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Many directors or writers keep using brands in other movies they make.

Such examples include Abrams with the Slusho brand and Tarantino Red Apple cigarettes. Also many brands are used only in fiction to replace known brands, Spyder Fynder instead of Google.

I'm wondering if the Stay Puft brand has shown up in any other movies since Ghostbusters?

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I don't know if Stay Puft has been in any other shows but I doubt it since it's now a real world product.

Stay Puft

While not a brand the Tangiers Casino has appeared in the movie Casino. It has also appeared on TV on CSI as one of Sam Braun's casinos, and in an episode of Bones.

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Seriously, the marshmallows are square? That is just wrong, but now I want to try one more than ever! – ThinkingMedia May 14 '13 at 14:05

According to Wikipedia, Stay Puft returned in the cartoon Ghostbusters series "The Real Ghostbusters".

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