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Why does Sam Quint smash the CB radio in Jaws?

When Brody goes and tries to call for help on the CB radio, Sam walks over with a club and smashes it but the movie doesn't really do a good job in explaining his actions. Is it because of Sam's history with sharks on the USS Indianapolis, and he feels like calling for help would be the cheap way out? Does he think that since his friends didn't get to call for help so he shouldn't either?

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I suspect that it is due to one of the following:

  1. He wants to focus those on board to the task at hand. If there's no hope of help then the only thing they can do is kill the shark.
  2. It's basically a macho thing that says 'I don't need anyone's help'. After all Quint is a loner who basically doesn't ask for help and expects none.

Whichever way, the story would not have been so good if the whole town had turned out to help !

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I actually would consider this happening as a mixture of the two, rather than one or the other. Good answer, Pat. –  Paulster2 Dec 24 '13 at 14:36

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