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In Breaking Bad when Walter White brought that bag of Mercury(II) Fulminate to that drug dealer it was relatively a big amount of that substance but as it says on wikipedia

it can even explode under water and is impossible to accumulate in large amounts because it detonates under its own weight.

Mercury Fulminate Preperation

How is it possible for that chemical not to explode due to its own weight and friction in bag ??

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Your quote from the Wikipedia article actually refers to Silver Fulminate, not Mercury: "Silver fulminate can be prepared in a similar way, but this salt is even more unstable than mercury fulminate; it can even explode under water and is impossible to accumulate in large amounts because it detonates under its own weight." –  toryan Dec 26 '13 at 19:05
I also always thought, why didn't it explode when the thugs were patting him down? –  Samia Ruponti Mar 17 '14 at 19:13

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This was covered on Mythbusters in the Breaking Bad special - that scene was purely artistic license and it would not be;

  • safe to carry that quantity of mercy fulminate
  • possible to create an explosion of that size without killing everybody in the room
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I think it is possible. "Walt" was a clever person, he knew he could make his point by demonstrating power and was definitely not intending to blow himself up by blasting a whole bag of mercury fulminate even if it was possible to carry.

Also the weight difference might have easily been noticed.

He must have filled the bag with the drugs and lined the top with the explosives, so that he could pick up any piece without doubt.

Also he does not shake the bag a lot and neither does anyone else if it was a small lining only then the scene is scientifically possible.

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Agreed, lets be honest for a second. If you saw a deranged middle age man just chuck a small amount of Mercury(II) Fulminate that exploded the crap out of a building and threatened to do so again with a bigger bag. Are you really going to challenge him and say "well uhh Mercury(II) Fulminate cannot be carried in that much quantity". No and I doubt Tuco would know Mercury(II) Fulminate couldn't be carried in that much quantity either. –  Jared Jan 13 '14 at 3:57

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