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I remember very little, I watched the movie around 2008, but I am pretty sure it is from the mid 90s. The scene I recall shows a black haired guy who is kept lying over a pentagram, with candles all around, in a sort of purification/tracking evil inside ritual. I remember an old priest or something and his blonde girlfriend near him, and the old man keeps saying he was broken/possessed by something evil. The blonde girl seemed really upset, and it all looked like a part of an investigation or imminent battle against demons of some sort (really not so sure about this part). The couple later had sex over a seemingly public shower I think. Can't remember anything else cause I had to stop watching it in the middle to sleep.

Which movie is this?

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Did that movie involve a trial at court about the sex tape? –  Mina Michael Mar 7 at 22:19
+1 for the joke, even if it wasn't intended. Actually, recalling some more, the movie was pretty cheap-looking, like one of those vampire-themed b-movies (although I don't think there were vampires on this one). The brazilian translation for the title was something like "Call to Evil" if I remember correctly, but I searched along those lines on IMDb and found nothing. –  ArturBalestro Mar 9 at 2:27
nope not intended. I guess the movie in my head isn't the one you're looking for. sorry I can't help –  Mina Michael Mar 9 at 12:44
@ArturBalestro I'm not really convinced this is the one but I want to point you to El día de la bestia (imdb.com/title/tt0112922), just because it's such an awesome movie! –  Mauricio Pasquier Juan Jun 12 at 5:13