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I am trying to find a movie that I've seen twice in my life but can't remember the name or its cast.

It is around the 1990s I think, it shows a family of a couple and two kids, a boy and a girl if I recall well. There's a robbery at their house at night, and the robbers fight and shoot the parents to death and then go to the room where the little girl is, killing her too. The boy survives because he was hiding under a table, and watches the whole murder of his family.

Afterwards he escaped and was raised by his uncle, and if I remember well teaches him to fight until he grows up and joins the military. Later he would discover the gang who killed his family and get revenge on them.

If I recall correctly the protagonist's name was Logan Fallon. That's all I can remember. This movie scarred me pretty bad in my childhood, thus giving me fear of house robberies. But it was pretty good.

If you guys can help me find this movie, I would truly appreciate it.

Obs.: I know I could just search for Logan Fallon on Google, but I just found this site and decided to ask here anyways. :)

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