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I remember a movie from somewhere in the late 70's to early 80's where there were two kids that saw an alien or possibly just a space ship. They meet again as adults in the same place and see them again. I don't remember much more than that. The kids were one boy and one girl. I don't even remember if it was any good but then again I was likely just coming up on being a teenager and a geeky one at that. So I think I was intrigued.

Any ideas or do I need to plumb my memory for more details as that's all I have at the moment?

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The Return (1980) - Movie Poster

The Return (1980)

Based on your description, and the timeline, this should be the movie. A brief synopsis:

The Return (1980) - Pic 01

A UFO hovers over a small New Mexico town, enveloping two children in a cone of translucent mist.

The Return (1980) - PIc 02

25 years later, Jennifer Kramer, has grown up and become an astrophysicist. She returns to the town to investigate strange satellite readings coming from the area that leave an intense fogging on photos.

The Return (1980) - Pic 03

Jennifer meets up with town deputy Wayne Thompson and realizes that he is the other child from 25 years ago...

~ Edited from MORIA

Read reviews here and here. Watch a murky YouTube clip or go on over to VEEHD for the full movie.

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It's Stringfellow Hawk! – System Down Feb 14 '14 at 15:59
:-) Always had a soft spot for that show. Cheesy? Sure. But loved that intro! – rumandwrite Feb 14 '14 at 17:27

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