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In the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), Joel gets a message from 'Clementine' inside his head, but how does the real Clementine know she is supposed to meet him in Montauk the next morning?

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The question answered here as follows,

She doesn't, exactly. The whole experience is in his head, and it was the memory of her that told him to go to Montauk.

We are supposed to take a guess at what her memory erase experience was like, and assume that she had a similar experience to his, so maybe when they were clearing her memory, he said the same thing to her. But remember, she did it weeks before he did, so the real question is: how did they know to come on the same day? Fate, maybe?

Montauk was an important place in their relationship. That's where they had a night picnic on the frozen pond, and they were very close at the time... which is important because it was shortly after that when their relationship went sour. It suggests that there are some things that cannot be forgotten, no matter how powerful the science used against it may be, especially with memories tied to very strong emotions like Love.

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