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I saw part of a non-English movie that I would like to track down and see the end of. Here are the elements I can recall (some might be a bit wrong, it was along time ago - the 90s AFAIR):

  • A brown skinned boy (around 12-14 years old) is in a war-torn country in North Africa.
  • Caught in the middle of a gun fight, his terror makes him jump into the back of a truck that promptly pulls out and leaves.
  • By the time the truck slows down enough for the boy to escape, he is in another land, populated by Arabic people.
  • A local woman whose husband is away, takes him in, but the people of her town disapprove.
  • She tries to wash him (thinking he is filthy) but quickly realizes he is just more darkly colored than her own people.
  • She and the boy stay at her house, and are harangued by a series of people - WTE "What are you doing?", "What will your husband say?".
  • As the harassment continues, the wife remains calm but firm in her stance, & the boy becomes ever more ill, until finally bursting out into chanting.
  • The critics are visibly shocked "He knows 'The Book'!" (I presume this to mean the Holy Quran)
  • They begin to show signs of softening their stance, but there is still resistance..

Can anyone identify this movie?

I would like to think that she never truly wins them over, but that when her husband finally arrives home, he tells them he trusts his wife to do the right thing more than he trusts them, and to "Butt Out!" going on to quote passages from the Quran that support her actions. The couple officially adopt the boy, and all live happily ever after, with the boy going on to become the holy man for the local community.

But that is just me, fantasizing.. ;)

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