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I've been rewatching Sliders again, and partway through the second season (episode titled "Post-Traumatic Slide Syndrome", there are two versions of Arturo fighting it out at the end - the original, and the one from the world they are on. Only one makes it through to slide to the next world, and it's not very clear which is which. Subsequent episodes seem to treat it like this never happened.

Has it ever been answered which Arturo made it through and which one stayed behind, either in the show, or other media somewhere? The wikipedia entry for the Arturo character seems to indicate this question was never resolved.

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Co-creator Tracy Tormé said in this interview:

For what it’s worth, I believe the wrong Arturo slid.

And in the season 3 episode The Guardian:

Arturo comments that he has just seen his first American football game. However, the original Arturo seemed like a pretty big American football fan.

Co-creator and writer Tracy Tormeé has hinted that seeming gaffe was actually a clue inserted to show our Sliders no longer had the Arturo they began with.

Even though it was never resolved in the series, I'd go with Tracy Tormé's original intention of it being the wrong Arturo.

There was a lot of "bad stuff" going on behind the scenes, from unhappy actors to deliberately ending the series with a cliffhanger (the production team knew in advance that season 5 would be the last season).

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