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Catch Me If You Can's fictionalized version of Frank W. Abagnale Jr. uses to peel off labels from things. While in certain cases this is part of his check frauds (especially the Pan Am labels), he does this all the time with many everyday objects, like bottles and stuff, and seems to collect them in his wallet (as evidenced by Carl in Frank's hotel room or seen live during Frank's engagement party). So it seems to be more like a kind of tic he has.

But what are the reasons for this behaviour and what does it tell us about his character, if anything? (And as a side question, is there any information if the real Frank Abagnale used to do this, too, or is is this primarily an addition by the movie?)

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Personally I saw this behavior as a clever way for the filmmakers to convey Frank's state of mind.

In a film that is all about peeling off labels/layers to reveal the truth beneath the con artist's veneer, the use of this habitual obsession serves to provide a metaphor for the overall theme of the film.

(Note: this is purely speculative and not backed up by any evidence)

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This is good analysis. I read several "Frank" articles and online wikis. I couldn't find anything showing Frank having and OCD problem or anything mentioning the label pealing fascination. –  Paulster2 Dec 15 '13 at 2:37
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