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In the movies Escape from New York and Escape from LA there is a character called Snake Plissken. However in the Metal Gear Series there is a character who has the code name Solid Snake and goes by the name Iroquois Pliskin in the second Metal Gear Solid Games.

The two are quite similar, both are given stealth missions, for are former military and special ops and in Metal Gear Solid, Solid Snake is shocked to find that the leader of FOXHOUND Liquid Snake looks just like him and cuts his hair before the mission, Liquid Snake looks quite similar to Snake Plissken.

because Solid and Liquid Snakes are identical twin clones of their father Big Boss.

Also in the second Metal Gear Solid Games Solid Snake's hair has grown back some and it is similar to Snake Plissken's hair.

In the third Metal Gear Solid Games, Naked Snake looses one of his eyes which ends up being his trademark in all of hius other appearances not to mention he looks like Solid Snake from the second Metal Gear Solid Games.

because Naked Snake is Big Boss.

Finally, both Snake Plissken and the Snakes from Metal Gear smoke.

I am wondering if there is some sort of link between Snake Plissken and the young Snake's from Metal Gear as to my knowledge Konami, the developers behind the Metal Gear games had no hand in the development of the Escape From movies and vice versa and the similarities are way too numerous to be just a coincidence.

NOTE: I've only seen LA and haven't been able to find where my dad has kept New York. I would assume Snake looks the same in both.

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P.S: You Haven't seen escape from New York? If you're a Plisskin fan, that movie is Incredible! Remedy this Immediately, tut tut. –  John Smith Optional Dec 13 '13 at 11:07
@JohnSmithOptional we have it and my dad has seen it however at the time he was watching it i was watching anime so and he's put it somewhere where even he can't remember –  Memor-X Dec 15 '13 at 20:57

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As you have pointed out several times in your own question, the MGS games explicitly reference Snake Plissken throughout.

At the time of the games release, part of the press package given and dispersed by media outlets saw Konami take ownership of this association, and actively draw people's attention to it as reference material.

John Carpenter even got involved, drawing people's attention to the association and explaning how he'd give Hideo Kojima 'his blessing'.

If you're looking for some kind of hidden material somewhere that indicates they are the same character, operating within the same Universe, I'm afraid you'll be found wanting.

MGS Snake is directly inspired by Snake Plissken, but Hideo Kojima has personally explained that they are different entities. that's as close to a literal cross over as I imagine we'll ever get.

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