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In The Godfather: Part II, Willie Cicci, played by Joe Spinelli, testifies that Michael Corleone was involved in organised crime and the head of the Corleone family: "Oh yeah, a buffer. The family had a lot of buffers!"

He isn't seen again in the film. What happened to Cicci? Would he have gone into witness protection, jail or have been murdered?

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I read in an interview with Francis Ford Coppola that Willi Cicci was to appear in The Godfather Part 3 in the role that in the end went to the character Joey Zasa, but the actor died just prior to filming, which I find strange seeing as Cicci testified against the family in GF part 2.

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Few scenes after he testified in court, he cut open his veins in protective custody after a visit by Tom Hagen.

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I think you are referring to Frankie Pentangeli (the one who withdraw his testimony when his brother was brought over from Sicily). At least he's the one whom Tom visits in prison and implies that cutting open his veins would be an honorable solution. –  Napoleon Wilson Feb 10 at 17:16
You have mixed up the characters. The suicide was Frank Pentangeli. –  wbogacz Feb 10 at 17:17
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