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I don't know the specific details of the video but all I can remember is that it was a video by a tan woman. most likely an american video and the woman is the singer. From what I can remember it had these parts in it:

  • Around the start of the video there is the woman and a guy standing at a bus stop.
  • The entire world is white, but not to the point where you can't see anything. But there are a few coloured objects in there including the people.
  • A car comes along but it's not moving on it's own wheels more like it's moving on a flat escalator kinda thing. Take note that the car is orange.
  • Only the woman enters the car and sings in there.
  • Then there is another scene that I remember in the music video where she's in a white room wearing coloured jeans dancing I think.
  • She's in the same room but this time she's sitting on one of those tanning chairs idk what they're called lol. with the same guy that was from the bus stop (I think).

This is all I could remember so far. The song probably isn't even that great but i get annoyed when i can't figure out something haha.

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Long shot - Kelly Clarkson video for "People like us". It's black and white, but some color, and they make a getaway in a red BMW. –  JohnP Dec 10 '13 at 20:20
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