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A meticulous killer is training his replacement/protege but really is setting him up, his daughter is also home from college because of a murder there and it turns out she has his same disease or whatever and kills him at the end as he wakes from dream of her killing him.

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Surely this is Mr Brooks?

Kevin Costner brought his career back from the brink after asking that professional Scottish masseuse for a Hand Job, by performing brilliantly in what was actually a very good film!

Earl Brooks (Kevin Costner) is an upstanding business owner and family man, recently honored as the Portland, Oregon Chamber of Commerces Man of the Year (the movie itself was filmed in Shreveport, Louisiana). In his secret life, Brooks is a serial killer, encouraged by his id, manifested as a gleefully sadistic alter ego he refers to as "Marshall" (William Hurt) whom only Brooks can see or hear (conversely, no one can hear him talk to Marshall). While he has refrained from killing for the last two years, Brooks feels the urge rising once again and, spurred on by Marshall, murders a couple in their home.


Even more worrisome is the appearance of a man who calls himself Mr. Smith (Dane Cook), a peeping tom who photographed Brooks at the scene of the previous day's crime. Blackmailing him, Mr. Smith demands to accompany Mr. Brooks on his next murder.


Later that night, Brooks goes to bed, stopping first in his daughter's bedroom. As he kisses her, she stabs him in the neck with a pair of scissors and watches him bleed to death. Then she puts on his glasses just like she did earlier. Brooks wakes up, shuddering at the nightmare which symbolised the fear he has felt throughout the movie: Jane has begun to enjoy murder, and may one day claim him as a victim.

Great Movie!

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