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Near the end of season four's Mid-season finale, we are given a glimpse into Judith's car seat:

enter image description here

We know she was in this car seat based on a previous scene:

enter image description here

I assumed at first that this was the end of Judith.

However, after reviewing the images, I think we are left with a cliffhanger.

The biggest clue is that the buckles are undone. No walker is going to fool with seatbelts.

Are there any more clues from the episode that would help prove/disprove that Judith is alive?

NOTE: I just searched "judith carseat buckle" and noticed there are several pages with the same question.

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There is a brief glimpse of Tyrese running away from the prison yard carrying something that doesn't look like a gun, and he was bleeding from a gunshot wound... –  Nobby Dec 7 '13 at 13:36

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There is no answer. Even creator Robert Kirkman (on the episode of Talking Dead that followed the show) would not confirm anything. He did joke "that's a lotta blood in that car-seat, I don't know. (laughs) Yeah. You'll have to tune in."

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It is currently unconfirmed.

The buckles being undone do not confirm anything as if you were to try to pull the baby out without undoing them they are quite likely to be the things that give first (rather than the straps).

Even if someone had taken her out there is no guarantee that they got away safely.

However, it is perfectly plausible that someone could have rescued her. Running with a baby carrier is very difficult, they are awkward and quite heavy (I have two toddlers so I have a bit of experience with them!) so a rescuer would almost definitely have taken her out and left the seat behind.

However, I have a child not much older than Judith. I found the scene horrific to watch and am desperately hoping she is still fine!!!

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