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I vaguely remember a movie (I believe it is animated) where someone is flying through the air and onlookers are watching below. One person says:

"She's not gonna make it!"

and someone else responds:

"She's gonna make it"

I don't remember if she "makes it" or not, but I would love to find out.

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That's very vague. Can you please add more detail? When did you see it? What style of animations was it? What did the flying person look like? Anything at all that you can add will be helpful. –  System Down Dec 6 '13 at 0:30
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This question seems fine to me, should be answered within a couple of days. –  John Smith Optional Dec 6 '13 at 0:56
When did you watch this? –  coleopterist Dec 6 '13 at 4:33