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What is the name of the action movie that starts off with a paid killer (the main character) underwater in a pool wearing either a rebreather (or maybe a scuba tank) who kills his target while he is swimming? This movie probably came out some time before 2000.

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It was The Mechanic. Its the very first kill of the movie in the pool where he pulls the target down and makes the kill look like an accident.

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It occurs to me that this might be Thunderball, the 4th Eon Productions James Bond movie. A lot of the scenes are set underwater in the sea or in pools. You say the killer is the main character and is wearing a rebreather or scuba gear. James Bond wears scuba gear or his emergency oxygen mouthpiece.

James Bond is kind of a paid killer, and kills several people while swimming in this movie.

What goes against this ID is 'some time before 2000' - Thunderball is from 1965 so is quite dated, so I guess you might notice that. Conceivably it could be Never Say Never Again, roughly the same story from 1983, but that has fewer underwater scenes I seem to recall.

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+1 This was my initial thought as well. But setting aside the intro, I don't believe that the underwater scenes begin until about a quarter of the way through. Thunderball opens with the memorable jetpack chapter, followed by the clinic, and then the theft of the aircraft with the nukes. Only after the plane lands near the Disco Volante do we encounter the underwater scene where the pilot is killed. Largo (a main character, I suppose) is not involved in this operation either. – coleopterist Nov 29 '13 at 7:36

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