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I have been hearing rumours that Flash is making a guest appearance in Arrow Season 2. Is it true?

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This question appears to be off-topic because it is about a rumor that is trivia as soon as the season is published. – Napoleon Wilson Nov 25 '13 at 7:23
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Its not a rumor anymore, its confirmed by makers. He was intended to come in three episodes but the count of episode he is going to come is not confirmed yet.

In July 2013, it was announced that Berlanti and Kreisberg, along with Nutter and Geoff Johns, would be creating a television series based on The Flash, with an origin story for Barry Allen. The character was set to appear in three episodes of season two of Arrow, with the final one acting as a backdoor pilot for the new series. However, it was announced in November 2013 that the backdoor pilot would not be happening, with a traditional pilot being made instead. The decision was made after the first two appearances of the character were well received by CW executives who saw the material. No decision was made as to whether the character will be featured in the third episode, which is set for the end of the second season and has not been written. It was also confirmed that that the character's superhero persona will not be featured on Arrow as originally intened, but will be saved for the pilot episode of the potential new series. (Sorce: Wikipedia)

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