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I was wondering a question,

Did you seen these movies like Rio, Toy story, Turbo, ETC.

How did the animated movies, takes place the same timeline from "Up".

How it was connected?

Can you do some analysis for these movies, please?

It could be helpful.

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Rio and Turbo are not Pixar films, so maybe you can clarify what you mean by 'same timeline'. –  Oliver_C Nov 23 '13 at 21:47

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Well the closest is in Pixar films as they usually have a reference hidden to the next one (so Up has a Lotso bear in an apartment window when the house rises for the first time, Ts3 then has Finn Mcmissle posters on Andy's wall etc), don't know about Rio, turbo etc, but it's likely to only be between movies of the same studio.

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