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He wanted Jesse to believe that Gus was behind the poisoning. Then why would he use Lily Of The Valey, at the risk of it being traced back to him? Won't using Ricin ensure that Jesse believes Gus did it?

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But I saw no berries on Walters plant... –  Michelle Jun 2 at 1:45

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In my opinion Walter White is not truly evil. He just want to earn money for his family. His aim is not to kill Brock but to use Jesse's emotion towards Brock in his favor. Ricin is riskier than Lily of the valley. So he used Lily of the valley and removed the Ricin just to put suspicion on Gus.

Note- I haven't completed season 5 yet, so don't know if it is addressed later.

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Agreed. To give the appearance of being poisoned for a short while as part of his plan to turn Jesse against Gus without really doing any long-term damage. –  EvilDr Nov 19 '13 at 14:11

When Walter White was contemplating how he was going to topple drug kingpin Gustavo Fring, he noticed the potted lilies in his backyard. ("End Times")

Brock Cantillo was poisoned by Walt in an unknown way with the Lily of the Valley berry. The doctors initially thought he was poisoned by ricin as Jesse Pinkman had suggested but later discovered the true toxin. The doctors and Jesse believed that Brock came across the flower growing naturally and ate some poisonous berries. ("Face Off")

After returning home from successfully killing Gus and getting Jesse back on his side, Walt disposed of the Lily plant from his backyard. ("Live Free or Die")

According to the doctors taking care of Brock, Lily of the Valley is not as poisonous as ricin, and they came to the conclusion that Brock might of thought of them as fruits (as they claimed that it would be easy for kids to mistake the venomous plant as consumable), and slipped one in his mouth, causing him to poison himself.

Now the episode makes you believe that Walter White poisoned him, without actual evidence, because he had the plant in his backyard, and disposed of it after killing Gus. Source: http://breakingbad.wikia.com/wiki/Lily_of_the_Valley

So Walter might of wanted to temporarily have Jesse's attention by making him believe Gus poisoned Brock, thus sort of brain-washing Pinkman to get him onboard to kill Gus, without causing real harm to the child.

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Ricin was always Walt's go-to poison. This is becuase it's not at all common and very hard to detect.

As knowlegable as Gus was, it's very unlikely that he'd know about a poison such as ricin.Gus is a business man nad owner of a chicken franchise, not an expert in chemistry.

If it was actually found to be ricin in brock's system, Jesse would have immediatley blamed Walt despite it coming from his own pack of cigarettes. By using Lily of the Valley (stated in the show as a commonly found poison) it's much easier to believe that Gus could be aware of it.

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