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As the title suggests the movie is black and white but two actors become colored in the b&w world. One of them accepts this but the other (the girl) begins to wear grey makeup to hide the fact that she is colorful. The whole movie was a huge criticism of society. I don't really remember much more. What could be this movie?

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You are thinking of Pleasantville from 1998.

From IMDb:

A brother and sister from the 1990s are sucked into their television set and suddenly find themselves trapped in a 1950s style television show. Here they have loving parents, old fashioned values, and an overwhelming amount of innocence and naivete. Not sure how to get home, they integrate themselves into this "backwards" society and slowly bring some color to this black and white world. But as innocence fades, the two teens begin to wonder if their 90s outlook is really to be preferred.

An awesome film, I might add.

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