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I am recalling a scene from a horror movie, although it could be a parody (like Scary Movie). A group of teenagers are in an old fairground ride, either a ghost train or mini train style ride. They are making a film or documentary. They manage to get the ride to work, but a number of them are killed. One guy got electrocuted. Its been bugging me for months what this movie is, but I can't recall anymore! Can anyone help please?

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Urban Legends:Final Cut

As the students are preparing for their thesis films and the prestigious Hitchcock award, a student named Amy Mayfield (Jennifer Morrison) is unsure about her thesis. But after a conversation with security guard Reese Wilson (Loretta Devine), she decides to make a film about a serial killer murdering in the fashion of urban legends.


The next scene to be shot involves the "Tunnel of Terror", which is set up in an old carnival ride. Sophomores Stan (Anthony Anderson) and Dirk (Michael Bacall) are attacked and electrocuted by the killer while preparing the tunnel.[1]

Urban Legends: Final Cut Poster

Image: “Urban Legends: Final Cut” Poster [2]

[ 1 ]:
[ 2 ]:

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Final Destination 3 is set in a fairground, the characters all get on a rollercoaster that crashes killing most of them.

One character sneaks a video camera on the ride, could this be the 'making a film' part you remember?

One of the later deaths involve two girls who get burnt/electrocuted on tanning beds.

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