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AFAIK the original story arc ended in season five, before they started writing new material. All I remember is that there was some sort of conspiracy going on within the ranks of the angels and that Castiel was a 'rebel' so to speak and that 'God had left them.' Although this was toyed with when 'God' supposedly saved Dean in one episode. As I stopped watching after the fifth season ended, I can't really comment any further. Upon googling, I couldn't really seemed to find any information on whether or not they abandoned the concept or developed it further.

Can anyone elaborate?

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There are multiple references to God abandoning His post and leaving Heaven and the angels, but there haven't been any appearances or messages from Him as far as I can tell. Heaven has just been in turmoil and getting worse. I can't say too much more without revealing spoilers, of which there are many. The showrunners have kept a decent level of quality, even if not quite up to Eric Kripke's original story. All things considered, the show is still good with no definite end in sight without feeling overly soap-operatic.

God remains AWOL.

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@remyabel Last season and this season are particularly centric to Heaven and the machinations of those who would control it in His absence. I'd recommend watching more. Considering you've seen the first five seasons, season six episode 15 "The French Mistake" is really fun in a "meta" kind of way. –  Meat Trademark Oct 28 '13 at 8:27

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