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I remember seeing a few scenes of this movie and would like to figure out the name:

  • So the main character was probably Mel Gibson or someone very similar.
  • The story was set around 90s in a bigger usual probably New York
  • Main character was walking down the street and intentionally bumped into another man, pick-pocketing his wallet...later on I think he was in some hotel room paying with his credit card.
  • There was also a generic action scene, not sure how it went, but it had something to do with classic black american muscle car (something like a Mustang, Dodge, Impala …).

Sorry for the vague description, but the actor is famous so someone might recognize the movie.

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You're trying to identify Payback from 1999 which did star Mel Gibson. It does feature a scene where his picks the pocket of a guy who vaguely resembles himself and uses his card to buy stuff. He's actually in a restaurant when he tries to pay with the stolen card.

From Wikipedia:

In a seedy basement, Porter (Mel Gibson) lies severely wounded with two gunshot wounds in his back. A whiskey-drinking surgeon removes the bullets and Porter spends months healing.

Stealing a credit card to acquire a new suit, food and a gun, Porter begins tracking down Val Resnick (Gregg Henry), his former partner, and Lynn (Deborah Unger), his ex-wife, both of whom betrayed Porter following a $140,000 heist from the Chinese triads. After leaving Porter for dead, Val rejoined the Outfit, a powerful criminal organization, using $130,000 of the heist money to repay an outstanding debt. Porter is intent on reclaiming his $70,000 cut.

(Payback has a tag on this site: .)

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That looks like it,there is even that black car...tnx – Arremer Oct 15 '13 at 13:17

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