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It's a dark looking animated movie possibly quite old. It ends with cloaked figures walking in a line with lanterns in a dark scene as the camera pans forward. I think there is a skeletal like character in the movie.

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That's too little in the way of information. Cloaked figures walking in a line with lanterns is a scene common to many movies, even animated ones. When did you see it? What language was it in? Story line? More information please. –  coleopterist Oct 12 '13 at 9:42
@close-voters As much as I would like to close this question, it doesn't really provide that much less information than many other ID questions, maybe a downvote would suffice. –  Napoleon Wilson Oct 14 '13 at 7:54

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I think you're thinking of Fantasia (1940), after the Night on Bald Mountain sequence in which the devil Chernabog summons evil spirits and restless souls from their graves, which are mostly skeletal figures:

Skeletal figures 1

Skeletal figures 2

The last few minutes of the film are cloaked figures walking in a line with lanterns while Ave Maria plays and the camera pans right:

Cloaked figures

Cloaked figures 2

Cloaked figures 3

You can watch it on YouTube.

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With the details you've given The Nightmare before Christmas seems to be the most obvious answer to me. The skeletal figure and the dark looking details fit. So do the lanterns but I can't remember the ending so I'm not sure about that particular detail.

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Seems a bit like Corpse Bride.

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Please expand your answer to explain why you think this might be the movie that the OP is looking for. Adding a link and a brief summary of the movie's plot is also a good idea. –  coleopterist Oct 12 '13 at 9:45

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