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In an arguably poor-received way, Dexter ended in a very odd way. Our favourite serial killer is now a lumberjack in wintery... wherever. The question comes back to why? Why does Dexter choose to seclude himself in such a fashion when everything was bumpy, but working out well enough?

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Lol at "He can't bare it anymore" by Ankit. He's killed about 100 people, he's not normal. The final season and all of those emotions of Dexter just don't make sense for a psychopath. I wish Vogel could have proven him, that he, in fact, was deluding himself about having feelings for sister and having feelings at all. That would have made so much more sense. How did events lead this way? Poor writing, I am afraid, is the answer. –  evening Sep 29 '13 at 16:58
@evening Vogel thinks that psychopaths doesn't have feelings. But Dexter has shown feelings various time for his son Harrison, deb, Hannah and Rita too. Rita's death, Vogel death, harry's death reason, all made him realize that he is a destroyer. I don't think psychopaths can't have emotions. And more then 100 people he killed are not his relatives but Rita is his wife, Vogel a mother figure and harry is his dad. –  Ankit Sharma Oct 7 '13 at 9:50

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Because Dexter now realizes that he is the one who is responsible for Harry's suicide, Deb's condition of being on life support, Rita's death, and Vogel's death. He can't bare it anymore. He now thinks that everyone he is comes into contact with will be destroyed the same way — that's why after killing The Brain Surgeon he stopped Deb's life support system to free her from anymore pain and even decided to commit suicide too, leaving Harrison in the care of Hannah McKay.

Somehow, he survives and shows up as a lumberjack. This means he survived, but still didn't want to go to Hannah or Harrison in order to save them from his darkness.

The last sight of Dexter eyes were still very arguable making a point for an open end.

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